Eating Programs

Since our founding in 2011, Paving Pathways has helped hundreds of children. There are certain issues we have encountered many times: eating challenges, bedtime/morning challenges, and potty training challenges. We have developed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy programs that teach the essential life skills needed to overcome these challenges. The below programs are a baseline for treatment which are adapted for each child accordingly.

Eating Challenges

Many children have eating challenges, some of which can cause very real health issues. Children with eating issues will commonly:

  • Refuse to eat
  • Refuse to eat enough
  • Will only eat a very limited range of foods

If this reminds you of your child, we have a program that will teach them to eat consistently and improve their physical well-being in the process. This program involves clear expectations, scheduled eating, and reinforcers utilized in a consistent and professional manner. Over time we expand your child’s diet and/or increase their food intake, depending on his or her specific needs.

If you would like us to help your child to learn this essential life skill, please contact us here or by phone at 571-357-5582.