Bedtime/Morning Programs

Since our founding in 2011, Paving Pathways has helped hundreds of children. There are certain issues we have encountered many times: eating challenges, bedtime/morning challenges, and potty training challenges. We have developed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy programs that teach the essential life skills needed to overcome these challenges. The below programs are a baseline for treatment which are adapted for each child accordingly.

Bed Time/Morning Challenges

Countless parents and caregivers have told us that getting their child to go to bed and/or get up and ready in the morning is a struggle. Many parents also have trouble getting their child to sleep through the night. We know that a good night of sleep is crucial to the mental and physical well-being of your child and you, which is why we developed a system for dealing with sleep-related challenges.

Our system includes:

  • A routine tailored to your family‚Äôs needs and goals
  • Clear expectations for your child
  • Reinforcers to support the routine
  • Achievement of progressive goals that lead to bed time and/or morning routine independence for your child
  • Training for parents and caregivers

If you would like us to help your child to learn this essential life skill, please contact us here or by phone at 571-357-5582.